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Google Pagerank Update in June 2011

Google Pagerank Update in June 2011 I was finally able to feel. With a new blog about SEO Beginner, I got PR 2 from Google. I am a bit surprised, because this blog has not even 5 months old.

Google's Pagerank Update is often anticipated by the bloggers around the world. Today, exactly on June 27, 2011, this blog got a PR 2. Comrade - blogger friends may also experience similar things, and maybe get lucky. Try checking your PR blog or website, may be whether increasing or decreasing. PR Semoa just up and getting loved by search engines.

Based on the info I could after reading the article posting on forums or other websites, google do an update every three months. Pagerank is a scale from 0 to 10 are awarded google, which in my opinion, search engine this one has to evaluate the relevance of the content, quality and number of inbound links blog. If we make a good and quality content, chances are we will get good backlinks as well. So that it will produce natural searches on search engines. What about blogs that friends - friends have, whether pageranknya up or down?

You can visit Here for check your pagerank

Hopefully the google pagerank update in June 2011 this could increase to a better post position in the SERP. Regards Blogger


Tintu said...

What link can I go to, to see my change in PR (if there is any)? I don't know which ones are broken or not.

sathya said...

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