Keeping Your Soil Healthy

Soil is the most vital component in all your gardening activities. It's therefore important to know the condition of your soil before venturing into home gardening. If your soil is healthy, you'll produce quality vegetables and fruits, and mostly likely you'll become successful in growing organic fruits and vegetables.

The quality of your soil depends on the available nutrients it provides based on the stand of your crops grown in the garden. If your plants are healthy, it goes to show that your soil is healthy. There's a symbiotic relationship between a good soil and the vigorous plants that grows within.
I have identified some ways to make your soil healthy for your guidance.

1. Use natural organic fertilizer. All forms of natural organic soil fertilizers are good for the soil. There's no side effect with organic fertilizer as against synthetic fertilizer which affects your soil to become acidic when continuously used to your plants. There are lots of natural organic fertilizer that you can use as soil enhancer like; fish and seaweed fertilizers, compost, animal manures, and vermi-compost ( derived from worm composting).

2. Analyze your soil. Have your soil tested to know the available elements present in your soil. Soil sampling is not complicated, but you need the assistance of an expert in soil testing. Seek the advice from your soil laboratory expert in your area to do the work for you. Though you would spend an amount for their services, it's worth the expenses for the information you'll get for the maintenance of your garden to be always in good shape.

3. Keep your garden always well-drained. Don't allow your garden to be water-logged. A well-drained soil is ideal for easy field operations since it dries up fast easily and doesn't hinder your timely planting. In well-drained soil, the free flow of oxygen is able to reach the root zone to promote optimal root health. Optimal root growth happens best in soils without drainage problem.

4. Avoid working on wet soil. Don't work on your soil when it's wet since it causes compacting the soil down and push out the air and water will not pass through the soil. There will not be enough space for the roots to grow. Compact soil will not give good crop yield and becomes hard to cultivate. Wait until the ground is dry before you start cultivation to make planting easy.
5. Make a raised beds to avoid stepping on the plants. It's essential to make your garden in raised beds to avoid stepping on your plants which may cause the soil be compacted that would affect the plant's growth. When you've your raised beds, there's an alleyway where you can walked through and your plants are safely protected from being destroyed.

Other methods can be applied to make your soil to be always in good shape, but the ones I've identified are enough to get you started to maintain in tip top condition.

Happy gardening!

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Building a Child's Healthy Self Esteem

A child responds positively to praise and positive attitudes when they are frequently given genuine positive feedback. Praise is not something that can be given once in a while, it has to be consistent. Their behavior at home and in the classroom improves when they feel good about themselves. They achieve more and are motivated to be a success. They develop and go through life with a "can do" attitude not an "I can't" attitude. It is the significant adult in a child's life that can make or break how that child sees themselves. Children are like sponges and they will absorb everything you say or do.

It is important that we, as the adults in a child's life, know that the praise we give has a better effect if we are specific. Saying "I'm proud of you" is great. It is even better if we say what behavior has us feel proud of them. An example might be: "Look, you cleaned your room so well by putting all those cars back in their special place and they are lined up perfectly. I am so proud of you." Can you see that the next time the child does the task they know what it was they did that was acceptable? They want to repeat it and even do better. They feel confident and a confidant child has a healthy self esteem. They become self motivated and, when they go to school, they have higher academic achievements.

We, as the child's most important influence, can support their healthy and high self esteem by using the following suggestions.

Focus on all the positive they are doing. Put your attention on what they did that was correct, good, kind, compassionate. Even if they didn't do a task perfectly, praise them on what was done well. An example might be if the child helped you fold towels and the towels weren't done as perfect as you would do. Tell them, "I am so grateful you helped me fold all these towels. I like how you have stacked them!"

Help them to feel valued. A child builds a high self esteem when they feel valued and appreciated. Thank them for their participation or helping in some way. Notice when they have done something, even something small, to be helpful, such as, putting their dish in the sink, hanging their jacket up, putting their book back after looking at it.

Be conscious of criticism and avoid it to the best of your ability. When you find you have criticized, apologize. When we apologize we teach our children that it is OK to notice our mistakes and to take responsibility for them. A child looks at you like you know everything and will mimic what you do. If you are critical a child becomes critical and usually of themselves.
Help build a positive body self image by complementing them. Tell them what beautiful eyes they have, how strong their body is, how darling their hands are or how beautiful they look to you. When they accomplish a physical task, like learning to skip, let them know how wonderful it is to have a body that can do that.

Remember, a child's eyes are always upon you. How you treat them lets the child know if they are loved, valued, respected, appreciated or accepted. That old saying of "sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you" is a lie. Your words can stifle the life out of a child. They believe what you say. Tell them they are brilliant and will be a great success in life.
Be realistic about what they can or can't do at their particular stage in their life. We want to set our children up for success and we do that by giving them task that we know they can complete. Asking a four year old to do the laundry is unrealistic, but asking them to help separate the light clothes from dark clothes is something they could do by making it a game.

Our goal is to assist our children to be a healthy, happy, and productive adults. We want them to live the life they were meant to live. Healthy self esteem, developed in childhood, will be carried with them throughout their lives and will help them cope effectively with all the challenges adults have to face. Make it your priority to encourage and support the children in your life.

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Building a Finance Essay

You should not be too overwhelmed with the task of writing a finance essay. Actually, you can simplify y our concern with this article when you create parameters on how you will discuss things in your paper. Let me give you some ways to write an essay that is related to a finance topic interest.
You can write an informative finance essay that involves presentation of facts and information. Of course you need to be a good researcher to come up with an essay that can provide credible information to the readers. Topic interests may vary from business, money, investments or corporations.

A narrative essay for a finance topic can also be constructed; you can talk about a story that relates to your personal experiences about the same domain of finance. For example you can write a management essay and talk about how you were able to manage your money in establishing a small business.
A cause and effect finance essay is also feasible. You can write an article that relates logical pattern in deciding for finance actions and transactions. For example you can discuss how the credit companies experienced bankruptcies due to uncontrollable ballooning of debts.
Some essay outline examples may be useful in creating an argumentative financial essay. You can use these samples to support your claims and realize arguments to be valid. For example you can argue that the loss of financial management skills can lead to bankruptcies.
A student essay about finance can be written using the styles presented above. You can use our free examples when you download them form the Samples section.
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Weeding out the Crap

Since even you lowly peasants of the Empire deserve some good news.
It appears that one should stock up on RoundUp futures. The lackluster, and that’s as much of a British Understatement as calling a public restroom “unsanitary”, GOP field of hopefuls appears to be withering away in a most satisfactory fashion.
First we learned that Mike Fuckindweeb apparently isn’t running for President after all — after he milked the mystery for all of the ratings he could possibly get — which made us sigh a sigh of relief that surely caused at least a minor hurricane in China. We can hope, anyway.

Then we learned that Mr. Combover, aka “The Donald”, apparently isn’t going to play Ross Perot to Ogabe’s Clinton in 2012. Again, a massive sigh of relief from the Imperial Capital. Don’t get us wrong, we like Mr. Trump and found it highly amusing to see how the lawn jockey Mr. Gutsy in the White House jumped when he, for the first time, was faced with a pissed-off American who didn’t decide to roll over because Rick Moran and Allahpundit, not to mention the rest of the RINO posse, told him he wasn’t being “helpful”. But a presidential candidate he’s not.
And finally we found out that Newt Gingrich picked up the political equivalent of a Mossberg, shoved the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger with his toe when he declared himself fully in favor of forcing Americans to buy health insurance and, in the process, labeled the only sane and actually effective proposal for getting us out of our current financial quagmire, Paul Ryan’s plan, “radical” and offered instead, showing his true allegiance to the GOP RINO pissant milquetoast brigades, to kick the can a bit further down the road.
The only downside to this is that Allahpundit is now going to have a hard time figuring out which stock photo to jack off to after he plasters it all over Hot Air. Mittens or Newtie?
There’s this setting in your browser where you can tell it to block out pictures. Try it. It has made it possible for us, once again, to enjoy Hot Air.
But we digress.
Actually, we have this sinister, tin-foil hat conspiracy theory that Allahpundit is really trying to turn us off RINOs by constantly posting their grinning, smug, self-adoring mugs at least 27 times a day. If so, he’s quite successful.
Seriously. It could work. Think “A Clockwork Orange”. We know it’s working on us already. The mere sight of Mittens “OgabeCare” Romney makes us think of napalm being sprayed over little adorable puppies at this point. And, worst of all, it turns us ON!
Anyway. It’s been a good week for getting rid of the more bothersome RINO loons.
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Weeds Weeding

Weeds are the kind of plants which are very injurious for the health and beauty of the garden. They destroy the garden little by little and take out the nutrients from the soil. They also block the roots of your favorite plants. The best way to deal with weeds is to destroy them as soon as possible, before they manage to get deep into the soil. As compared to old gardens, new gardens are more weed prone. However, after several years of growing your garden, these problems of weeds may stop but you must not ignore it whenever it comes. Getting rid of weeds also keeps your lawn in a good condition.

As you might have noticed, weeds can grow anytime and anywhere. They also need sunlight, water and other nutrition to grow. They block the way of regular plants to grow properly. You may think that mowing the grass can clean out all the weeds, but in fact, it does not reach to the root of the problem. You need to bend and extract the weeds from their roots because if you leave them, the weeds will keep growing and growing doing the bigger damage to other plants.
While removing weeds, you need some protective gear which includes things like hat, gloves and full sleeves shirt. Weeds can be toxic so you need to protect yourself from these. In addition, you need to protect yourself from sun as well. Also, keep a plastic bag with you to put all the weeds you pull out. If you leave these pull out weeds in the lawn itself, they will grow again. Pull out the weeds along with roots otherwise they will grow again and again.
In case of difficult weeds, dig the ground a little bit deeper. To easily take out the weeds, water the ground before weeding. It will soften the earth and loosen the roots. In addition, it is also quite important to choose proper time to do the job. Do this either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the glare of the sunlight. Use a small trowel to extract the weeds.
When you collect the weeds, never use these pull out weeds as mulch. Seeds of these weeds would grow again and proliferate. Also, do not burn them, as they may be toxic and can release toxic fumes. Do not add them to the compost fill and also do not eat them.
To properly dispose of them, put them in the trashcan placed outside your house. Repeat this weeding process every week to stop their proliferation altogether.
Weeding is a hard work but if done properly it will spare you further efforts in the future. If you have any doubts or need advice on your specific case, you can always rely on opinion of a professional gardener. He can even give you a good start doing the weeding for you and showing all the tricks. After all, it's a nice feeling to have a "quality" garden where you can spend the time.
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Weeding Techniques

Hand weed mixed borders and use a hoe to clear annual weeds from bare soil between plants. Perennial weeds can be removed by hand where practicable or killed with a spot treatment weed killer. Large weeds are easier to treat with a glyph sate based, ready to use spray, but cover all nearby ornamental plants with a plastic sheet before spraying and leave the sheet in position until the spray is dry. For lawns, remove isolated weeds by hand using an old knife or a special weeding tool. Alternatively, kill them using a spot weed killer.

If the weed problem is more widespread, it is more efficient to use a specially formulated lawn weed killer. Where moss is also a problem it is a good idea to use a combined moss and weed killer treatment in spring. In patio and paths, remove individual weeds by hand using an old knife or a special weeding tool. Alternatively, kill them with a spot weed killer. Where the problem is really widespread you need to use a path weed killer, which will kill existing weeds and prevent further weed problems for the rest of the year.

If there are no ornamental plants, dig over the entire area, hand weeding as you go. If this is not practicable, remove all the top growth and cover the area with black plastic or old carpet for a few years. A glyph sate based weed killer is another option. Stubborn weeds, such as bramble, may need several applications, or you could use the more potent chemical, sodium chlorate, although you will not be able to plant the treated area for at least six weeks afterwards. Deep rooted perennial weeds that have long, penetrating roots are best forked up. Loosen the roots with a fork, and hold the stem close to its base as you pull up the whole plant.

If you do not get the entire root out, the plant may re-grow. Hoeing is one of the best forms of annual weed control, but it needs to be done fairly regularly. Slice the weeds off just beneath the soil, preferably when the soil is dry. Keep beds and borders as well as the vegetable garden hoed throughout the growing season. Contact chemical weed killers are useful if you need to clear an area of ground quickly and easily. Some types, which normally kill only the top growth, so are better for annuals than problem perennial weeds, leave the area safe to replant after a day.

The author is an established author and an expert garden designer. For information on Gardening Techniques, please visit the author website at Plant Nursery Supplies. The author also has a particular interest in Ballet Shoes

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Google Pagerank Update in June 2011

Google Pagerank Update in June 2011 I was finally able to feel. With a new blog about SEO Beginner, I got PR 2 from Google. I am a bit surprised, because this blog has not even 5 months old.

Google's Pagerank Update is often anticipated by the bloggers around the world. Today, exactly on June 27, 2011, this blog got a PR 2. Comrade - blogger friends may also experience similar things, and maybe get lucky. Try checking your PR blog or website, may be whether increasing or decreasing. PR Semoa just up and getting loved by search engines.

Based on the info I could after reading the article posting on forums or other websites, google do an update every three months. Pagerank is a scale from 0 to 10 are awarded google, which in my opinion, search engine this one has to evaluate the relevance of the content, quality and number of inbound links blog. If we make a good and quality content, chances are we will get good backlinks as well. So that it will produce natural searches on search engines. What about blogs that friends - friends have, whether pageranknya up or down?

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Hopefully the google pagerank update in June 2011 this could increase to a better post position in the SERP. Regards Blogger
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