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Niche Rugs Usa Best Keyword

Rugs USA not kidding!

As you know, I've been looking for a new store revenue streams by developing small niche sites outside money today. Part of my pleasure is with Market Samurai into the net for the keywords that I can comb build a niche site on. Yes, it's really funny to me and I will see you as a nerd, if you just remember ... I conclusion, nerd growing online

However, while the session keyword search, I found one hell of keywords!

Rugs USA

This may not seem like much, but trust that you make a killing if you work this right. Let's look at the numbers ...

According to Market Samurai, you get carpets USA about 145 searches per day. This is not the greatest, but it's not bad. Especially when you consider the estimated CPC keyword. (CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click, the amount that advertisers are prepared each time someone clicks on their ads pay.

Before I tell you estimate CPC usa carpet, maybe you should sit. Are you sitting?

Ok, after the Google keyword tool, the estimated CPC for exact phrase match keyword "carpet USA" ...

$ 3,080.96!

Do not believe me? That's cool, I do not blame. I'll wait here while you go check yourself. Or better yet, here's a screenshot I just ...

Now before you go crazy with a picture of him swimming in a giant money bin like Scrooge McDuck, you should know that it's very unlikely you will actually see that the value per click.

First of all, the act is only approximate. Samurai market actually shows a much smaller amount of $ 1,306.98 (but still damn impressive, and far better than the 5-cent clicks that you already have!

In addition, the CPC is the amount paid will be the No. 1 among advertisers in Google's search results. Prices can be very different to the content network and it is the number of bloggers have received in payment. I suspect that carpet the United States, advertises a reasonable amount to protect their brand, as the other keywords with the highest cost per click is also variation of the name brand. But whatever their motives, it is clear that not playing games!

However, probably worth glancing blow to the keyword. The top 5 sites currently in place are very strong and could hardly be solved without a lot of damn work. But the bottom half the top 10 are much weaker. There is a possibility for a location was established to sneak on the first page with a decent article on Carpet USA. And if they do, they will be able to learn the true potential for profitability of keywords with the highest cost per click.

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