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Weeds Weeding

Weeds are the kind of plants which are very injurious for the health and beauty of the garden. They destroy the garden little by little and take out the nutrients from the soil. They also block the roots of your favorite plants. The best way to deal with weeds is to destroy them as soon as possible, before they manage to get deep into the soil. As compared to old gardens, new gardens are more weed prone. However, after several years of growing your garden, these problems of weeds may stop but you must not ignore it whenever it comes. Getting rid of weeds also keeps your lawn in a good condition.

As you might have noticed, weeds can grow anytime and anywhere. They also need sunlight, water and other nutrition to grow. They block the way of regular plants to grow properly. You may think that mowing the grass can clean out all the weeds, but in fact, it does not reach to the root of the problem. You need to bend and extract the weeds from their roots because if you leave them, the weeds will keep growing and growing doing the bigger damage to other plants.
While removing weeds, you need some protective gear which includes things like hat, gloves and full sleeves shirt. Weeds can be toxic so you need to protect yourself from these. In addition, you need to protect yourself from sun as well. Also, keep a plastic bag with you to put all the weeds you pull out. If you leave these pull out weeds in the lawn itself, they will grow again. Pull out the weeds along with roots otherwise they will grow again and again.
In case of difficult weeds, dig the ground a little bit deeper. To easily take out the weeds, water the ground before weeding. It will soften the earth and loosen the roots. In addition, it is also quite important to choose proper time to do the job. Do this either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the glare of the sunlight. Use a small trowel to extract the weeds.
When you collect the weeds, never use these pull out weeds as mulch. Seeds of these weeds would grow again and proliferate. Also, do not burn them, as they may be toxic and can release toxic fumes. Do not add them to the compost fill and also do not eat them.
To properly dispose of them, put them in the trashcan placed outside your house. Repeat this weeding process every week to stop their proliferation altogether.
Weeding is a hard work but if done properly it will spare you further efforts in the future. If you have any doubts or need advice on your specific case, you can always rely on opinion of a professional gardener. He can even give you a good start doing the weeding for you and showing all the tricks. After all, it's a nice feeling to have a "quality" garden where you can spend the time.