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Ten Military Aircraft Worlds Most Expensive

F/A-18 HornetAs a defense tool needs a strong state of military aviation technology being developed to follow the progress of military technology that exists, though it took a very expensive and costs a lot of protests because many countries spend a very large budget for research and technology.

Here are 10 of the most expensive military aircraft ever built in the world.

10. F/A-18 Hornet

Price F/A-18 Hornet aircraft around = $ 94 million or approximately Rp.945.700.000.000 Billion
F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter designed to attack both ground and air targets, and have the ability to be placed on the aircraft carrier. The aircraft is designed for the Navy and Marine Corps United States, and is used also by Canada, Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Spain and Swiss.Pesawat is also a demonstrator aircraft for the Blue Angels since 1986.

F/A-18 Hornet

9. EA-18G Growler

Price EA-18G Growler aircraft around = $ 102 million or around Rp. 984 300 000 000 Billion
Operator-based Boeing EA-18g have the ability to disrupt communications and radar systems, signals, and to attack anti-aircraft radar on the ground. Old version of this plane has been used in Iraq to disable a trigger signal in the roadside bomb.

EA-18G Growler

8. V-22 Osprey

Price V-22 Osprey aircraft around = $ 118 million or around Rp. 1,138,700,000,000 Trillion Rupiah
Wide range, speed and flexibility are qualified, desired by all aircraft designers. No exception to the-V 22. V-22 not only ordinary aircraft or helicopter, but a combination of both. Speed ​​doubled, reaching more than five times, and can fly higher than twice the regular chopper. This is the first time in history that produces a vertical rotor helicopter with the performance of their party that combines high-speed helicopter and airplane wings. With twice the speed of the helicopter, capable of carrying up to 24 troops, or up to £ 20,000 (9072 kg) of internal cargo or 15,000 pounds (6804 kg) from outside the cargo.
It was first used in combat in Iraq in 2007.

V-22 Osprey

7. F-35 Lightning II

Price aircraft F-35 Lightning II approximately = [/ size] $ 122 million or around Rp. 1,177,300,000,000 Trillion

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a fifth-generation, single seat, single-engine, stealth combat-capable military strike, a multirole aircraft that can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air defense missions. F-35 has three different models, one of which is a variant of conventional takeoff and landing, the second is the short takeoff and vertical-landing variant, and the third is a carrier-based.F variant-35 was descended from the X-35, program product of the Joint Strike (JSF) fighter. The development is being primarily funded by the United States, with Britain, and other partner governments providing additional funding.It being designed and built by the aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin with Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems as major partners. Demonstrator aircraft flew in 2000, with first flight on December 15, 2006.

F-35 Lightning II

6. E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

Aircraft Price-2D Advanced Hawkeye E approximately = $ 232 million or around Rp. 2,238,800,000,000 Trillion
A step forward for surveillance and reconnaissance, radar systems powerful new Advanced Hawkeye will increase the coverage area of ​​an aircraft can monitor up to 300%. "Maybe you can watch pop pistachio in Iran," an analyst for the Lexington Institute think tank National Defense said in July. Although the development of the aircraft are on track and the two test versions have been delivered to the Navy, budget cuts to keep the plane grounded for at least one year longer than planned.

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

5. VH-71 Kestrel

Price Aircraft VH-71 Kestrel around = $ 241 million or around Rp. 2.325.650.000.000 Triliun
High-tech helicopter project, intended to replace the aging helicopter fleet of the President, is running more than 50% of the budget at the time of Barack Obama in power. Immediately after the inauguration, the President announced plans to scrap the helicopter because of cost overruns. On July 22, however, with the House Appropriations Committee unanimously approved restoring $ 485,000,000 to fund the Kestrels.

VH-71 Kestrel

4. P-8A Poseidon

Price P-8A Poseidon aircraft around = $ 290 million or around Rp. 2,798,500,000,000 Trillion
Tidying-up the military version of Boeing 737 jets that will be used by the Navy to conduct anti-submarine warfare and intelligence gathering. This missile can carry torpedoes,, the cost of depth and other weapons. P-8A is expected to enter service in 2013.

P-8A Poseidon

3. C-17A Globemaster III

Price Plane C-17A Globemaster around = $ 328 million or around Rp. 3,165,200,000,000 Trillion]
C-17 Globemaster III is a military transport aircraft from the United States are manufactured by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems and operated by the United States Air Force, Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force. This aircraft was also selected by the Canadian Military and planned for delivery in 2007. NATO is also planning to order type transport aircraft.
C-17 takes the form of the same name from two heavy transport aircraft from its predecessor C-74 Globemaster and C-124 Globemaster II.

C-17A Globemaster III

2. F-22 Raptor

Price Plane C-17A Globemaster around = $ 350 million or around Rp. 3,377,500,000,000 Trillion]
F-22 Raptor is a stealth fighter made ​​by the United States. It was originally envisioned as air superiority fighter for use against Soviet aircraft, but the aircraft is equipped for ground attack, electronic warfare and signals intelligence. This aircraft through a long development period, is named the prototype YF-22, three years before it was officially adopted was named F/A-22, and eventually was named the F-22A when used on official start in December 2005. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is the prime contractor is responsible for themajority of of the airframe ,weapons ,and assembling the F -22. Then his partner, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems provides the wings, avionics equipment, and pilot and maintenance training.

F-22 Raptor

1. B-2 Spirit

Price Aircraft B-2 Spirit around = $ 2.4 billion or approximately USD. 23,160,000,000,000 Trillions
B-2 bomber is so expensive that Congress cut the early 1987 purchase order 132-21. (An accident in 2008 left the number at 20.) The B-2 is difficult to detect a signal via infrared, acoustic, electromagnetic, visual or radar. Stealth ability allows him to attack enemy targets with less fear of reprisal. In use since 1993, B-2 has been derived for both Iraq and Afghanistan.

B-2 Spirit

Source from kaskus
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Lindsay's Criminal Battery Case

Just when Lindsay Lohan thought her legal problems couldn't get any worse ... TMZ has learned cops are reigniting their investigation into allegations she attacked a Betty Ford staffer.

Sources connected to the investigation tell us ... in the last two days, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office sent investigators to meet with key witnesses who were with Lindsay on December 12, 2010 -- the night she allegedly got into a tussle with Dawn Holland.

We're told cops told the witnesses they were conducting the investigation because the D.A. is still determining whether to pursue criminal assault charges against Lohan.

Sources tell us ... investigators wanted to know if the witness could testify if it was Lindsay or Dawn who was the "aggressor" during that fateful night. They also wanted to know if the witness could describe any sort of injury Dawn may have suffered during the incident.

We're told investigators also wanted to know if the witnesses would cooperate with authorities if the case went to trial ... but sources say the witnesses wouldn't give a definitive answer.

source: http://www.tmz.com
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2011 Alienware Aurora ALX

2011 Alienware Aurora ALX

Alienware has been known for making some of the best gaming computers for years. What stands out when you first see the Alienware Aurora ALX is the almost alien look and feel to their tower. Now don’t let this persuade you that it’s all look and no power; Alienware delivers quite a bit of power into this gaming PC. The Aurora ALX is not the top-of-the-line gaming PC, but it proves that this company knows how to make a gaming system for those who don’t need the most powerful product on the market. The mid-range hardware found in this system will be more than enough for all but the most hardcore gamers.

While the Alienware Aurora ALX gaming PC may not have the most robust video card, it is still on the high end of things and will have no problem getting the job done for another year or two. If you are the kind of person who wants a system that will handle new games for years we would suggest going with dual cards or at least a more high-end card. The ATI Radeon HD 6870 has a core clock speed of 850MHz, which is quite fast and has 1GB of video memory. The audio in this system is a 7.1 surround sound system integrated on the motherboard.

The processor in a computer is like the heart in a human body; when it's working well so is your computer. The Aurora ALX gaming PC is sporting the Intel Core i7-930 processor that runs at 2.8GHz. This is actually towards the bottom end of the i7 series. We would suggest upgrading to go with at least the i7-960 model for that extra power so you don’t have to upgrade your CPU a year from now.

Another one of the main things you will be looking for in a high-end gaming PC is the RAM (random access memory). Without enough RAM your computer simply won’t be able to handle what it is meant to do. The Alienware Aurora ALX has 6GB of DDR3 RAM, which is plenty for any game or program you desire to throw at this gaming PC. The one downside we found with all of the Alienware systems is the lack of SSD (solid state drive) storage upgrades. The base model comes with a 1TB hard drive which is a lot of storage space but does not hold a candle to the speed of an SSD.

Additional Features:
The final thing you will need to focus on when you go looking for a gaming PC is the type of OS (operating system) it is running. Like the majority of companies out there Alienware has Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed on every system for stability and ease of use. You will also find a blazing-fast 24x DVD+/-RW optical drive, eight USB ports for additional expansion and gaming extras (joystick, gaming controller, etc.). The mATX LGA 1366 Intel X58 motherboard is powered by an 850-watt power supply which is perfect for making future upgrades. Now if you want to not only have an amazingly powerful system but also one that looks otherworldly you can add additional lighting to give it an extra-terrestrial look.

Computers, however convenient and useful, can cause a lot of headache if something isn't working correctly. Dell’s site offers just about every type of help for troubleshooting problems with your gaming PC. You can also download drivers for your video card and order other hardware directly from their site. If you run into any problems within the first year of having the computer, simply send in your computer and they will get things working again. A three-year warranty is an option and might be a good choice since computers are not always predictable.

Alienware has been a major name in gaming PCs for a long time, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change. The Alienware Aurora ALX proves that they know how to create a mid-range system for those who simply want a computer that will get the job done. The price is much more reasonable than we have seen in the past from this high-end brand gaming PC.

Source: http://computers.toptenreviews.com
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