NASA Develop Aircraft HyperSonic

If we are talking about one indicator of why the United States reserves the right bears the name of the superpowers, then their ability to explore outer space is one indicator that quite clear. Being one of the first countries to be able to send humans into space, the United States slowly began to gain supremacy of the space through research and development of space technology on an ongoing basis. And the U.S. space agency, NASA is the key factor of this struggle.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is itself a representation of the body that may be regarded as representing many types of people in the field of natural sciences. With their presence, all the calculations that are difficult to launch small satellites into space can be done with a small error rate. And thanks to their thinking as well, a plane with unparalleled speed will be born.

Currently, NASA is in the process of developing a new type of aircraft cruising speed is very high. And when I say very high, I mean really very high. NASA seeks to create a passenger plane capable of reaching speeds five times the speed of sound with the allocation of development funds of about U.S. $ 5 million per year over the next three years. If the aircraft is a time of operation, the distance between New York - Sydney to be taken approximately 21 hours of using commercial aircraft at this time will be taken only within 2.5 hours! A new level of turbo-jet aircraft Concorde was retired at first.

With the presence of people within NASA's genius, is not unlikely that the process of research and development is actually going to produce a prototype aircraft that will shake the world. Or they'll make something faster than five times the speed of sound? Probably. Or a plane with a speed exceeding the speed of light as in science-fiction movie? Hopefully. In the meantime, there is only one that can be spoken word, awesome.

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